Tuesday, 24 July 2012

24th July

1975: Played out not just to an audience of millions but also Edward Heath, who'd come down to the studio without warning. That's how big a fan of The Sweet he was. No, not really, he was drawn in by the presence, children seated around him like some easy listening zelig, of Bing Crosby (Johnny Pearson: "I had a tap on the shoulder and Heath said 'do you think you could get Bing's autograph for me?'") Listening at the end Bing was clearly fascinated by the possibilities of Pan's People, who appeared twice, in jeans that really hadn't been treated well in the wash to Hamilton Bohannon and satisfying both uniform and underdressed preferences, though the director is skimpy on the latter, for Typically Tropical, who you'll notice have drafted in some black backing members just in case. Sure the plane in that backprojection is flying backwards. If you thought Bing was out of time and place, what of Roger Whittaker? And to emphasise it was fun for all the family, The Wombles with their normal sized guitars and drums but outsize harmonica. Where's the alienating strangeness? One emergency call to chez Mael later Sparks fill the gap, Russell in his shortest shorts, Ron... Ron. What does everyone turn round to look at around 2:25? It's not the crane camera, they're looking past that.

1998: Jamiroquai's Jay Kay has his area of dancing delineated by two tellies.

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