Sunday, 29 July 2012

29th July

1976: Thin Lizzy, Lynott in his big reflective shades, set the standard. The Chanter Sisters, whitefro in clear evidence, fail to live up to it. Ruby Flipper's interpretation of Walter Murphy's disco classical crossover involves a lot of leg crossing and not much else. On the girls' part, anyway.

1982: In front of far too many people in deely-boppers, Dexys Midnight Runners' Kevin Rowland holds his hands behind his back, a stentorian vision in rags. Not something that will ever be thrown at Elkie Brooks, slowing down Nights In White Satin even further with a guitarist with a Union Flag on his guitar long before it became iconic. The real jeopardy comes in the form (here from its repeat) of The Firm. Almost too much to ask about this. Things to watch out for: the scrolling chorus lyrics on the screen (watch for the girl attempting to read them at point blank range at 2:09), the row of kids from 1:47 clapping along while seated with their back to the stage, some kid shouting "e's alright!" too early during the gap at 2:23, the visual comedy with the phone at 2:54 and, oh, all of it. Their rundown photo at 28 is quite something too. The western theme just before the top ten... dunno.

1993: Busy reviving Grease in the West End ("one of the hottest musicals in England" says Dortie as if Scotland or Wales has a live contender), Craig McLachlan and Debbie Gibson (and Shane Richie at the back) have a quick dress rehearsal. And they get cut off before the end, which is gratitude for you. Those trouser designs Dannii Minogue and dancers exhibit weren't even in fashion then. Who decided which of Take That should get shirts and which shouldn't? Weigh-off?

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