Wednesday, 18 July 2012

18th July

1968: If ever a song was still exciting while never quite topping its first two seconds... Funny how The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown takes that off his head before commencing the limbular dancing, and note how his effort has comprehensively overshadowed the occult-wear of Arthur's bandmates. With all that dry ice about and with a flaming crown on the floor it's a wonder he doesn't do himself serious mischief.

1985: That start's going to be hell for BBC4 to edit come August 2020. Simply Red's Mick Hucknall wears a flat cap incorrectly, The Cool Notes have trained their musicians' movements better than those of their singers, The Cult's Ian Astbury works the big hat and carrying the mike stand around on their TOTP debut, and Jaki Graham brings a backing singer who insisted on wearing all her necklaces at once and the most extensive keyboard rack since prog. And then, Russ Abbot. Not Atmosphere, but you can practically sing it over the top of this. He doesn't even do anything funny. Plus ca change.

1997: How big were Oasis in July 1997? So big the show allowed them to play all six and a half minutes of D'You Know What I Mean? One of the Gallaghers is clearly more enthused about the closing prospect of a mass stage invasion than the other.

2003: Pink does the live rock version of her single, but with dancers. It doesn't gel.

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