Wednesday, 25 July 2012

25th July

1985: Prancing taken to new levels by Arrow, while what his backing singers make up in choreography they lose in colour matching. Trans X's futuro-Dollar schtick seems designed to have aged on the spot, especially now the idea of travelling through hyperspace at the speed of light jars with the central dream of video. Who brought the hostess trolley? Thank goodness for a bit of class, or as close as Feargal Sharkey can get with his inaudible guitar strokes. Note Dixie at the start of that clip surrounded by a living tableau of 80s cliche.

1997: Robbie Williams' desire to be, rather than fight, Liam Gallagher has kind of been redacted from his personal history now. In his big coat, shaven head and unsure expression he must have either been on his way to, on his way back from or on day release from rehab. Meanwhile Gala demonstrate why dance hit singers who insist on live vocals tend to let other people do the dancing.

2003: After a link from Liz Bonnin that makes precious little sense, Murderdolls demonstrate the difference two decades made to TOTP. The audience punch the air in time regardless of whether they understand what's going on; in 1983 heavy metal to a Pops crowd would have been met by open apathy. Super Furry Animals bring along men in costumes; the director and floor manager hides them.

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THX said...

What was the name of the "youth" TV show shown in summer holiday weekday mornings just after TV-AM at nine which used Trans-X's Living on Video as its theme tune? Anyone remember?