Sunday, 15 July 2012

15th July

1971: Classic The Who in all their active finery, not really in need of a very odd overlaid/CSO occasionally black and white effect.

1976: Let us join hands and acknowledge the exquisite awfulness of Glamourpuss. Assuming that's not Carol Vorderman on the right. Ruby Flipper really were a kinetic presence on the show, firstly breaking out the big coats and land girl outfits for The Beatles and then working an angels and devils theme in aid of Tavares, Cherry's face pulling abilities in full working order.

1982: Hot Chocolate hire a couple of Tesla coils. Yazoo's Alison Moyet is rarely fully dressed without a warm coat and hat. (By the way, if any of you do invent time travel, go and slap that bloke in the bow tie behind Peter Powell, would you. Hard.) David Essex is your Italian waiter for the evening. Does his sax player ever actually play that instrument? And while we're talking fashion, the famous look and first listen to the big hit of Dexys Midnight Runners, as the audience keep the red flags flying high. After that the chart rundown begins, starting with a woman behind Powell wearing two hats and ending with a special set of messages from the cast of Fame and Irene Cara.

1993: This, Oui 3, is what all UK hip hop looked like in the early 90s. This, meanwhile, is pretty much what most boy bands would look like for most of the decade, Take That getting their whites whiter.

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